Agreement Cultural Cooperation

Thanks to the instrumentality of the bilateral cultural agreements between Nigeria and some 70 countries, it has been able to create a favourable environment and legal framework necessary for the mobility of its arts and culture, including cultural professionals. The recent establishment of Nigerian cultural centres in countries such as China and Brazil has helped to promote Nigerian cultural expressions in these countries. Nigeria plans to establish at least six such cultural centres around the world. The country also organized an African Art Expo, which created a way for the exhibition of different cultural expressions among African nations. “The cooperation that Singapore and France have had over the past decade has created many exciting opportunities for artists and creators from both countries and has brought new and varied offerings to the public of both countries. With this new agreement, we hope to explore even more projects that support efforts to enrich our respective artistic and cultural scenes and develop skills among our cultural and creative practitioners. France is widely respected for its rich artistic and cultural heritage. We look forward to learning and working with them in areas such as museology and digital innovation, heritage preservation and conservation. 2019 will mark the tenth anniversary of the agreement between Singapore and France on cultural cooperation between Singapore and France.

This agreement was signed in 2009 by George Yeo, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Bernard Kouchner, then Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the French Republic. Since then, cultural institutions and practitioners in Singapore and France have worked closely with mutual exchanges, exhibitions and other events such as Singapore in France – the 2015 Festival and various editions of the Voilah! France Singapore Festival. These platforms offer both countries the opportunity to learn from each other and present the best of their respective artistic and cultural offerings. These bilateral cultural agreements promote the exchange of cultural professionals as well as various forms of cultural expression. However, some countries such as the United States of America and Great Britain do not have cultural agreements with Nigeria, so it was not too smooth to penetrate these countries with their cultural expressions. The 2019 agreement builds on the 2009 agreement and underlines singapore and France`s shared commitment to develop and strengthen cultural and artistic partnerships in the arts and heritage sector. These include collaborative exchanges between France and Singapore, artistic exchanges in the fields of visual arts, performing arts and literary art, as well as exchanges of knowledge between our museums.