Call Off Agreement Template

Throughout the period covered by this agreement, the parties communicate with each other any new or emerging standards that may affect the supplier`s determination or receipt of goods and/or services by a contracting body as part of an appeal agreement. The exact levels of insurance and insurance coverage must be agreed between the provider and another contracting body when entering into an off-call contract. The supplier ensures that it has not paid or agreed to pay commissions to the authority or any other public entity or to a person employed by or on behalf of the authority or other public body under this framework agreement, an appeal contract or other contract with the authority or any other public body or person employed by or on behalf of the authority or other public body. The supplier who accepts such an order in accordance with item 7.7 is relinquishing a recall contract with the contracting agency concerned for the provision of services within the meaning of this order. All contracts under this framework agreement constitute a separate call-off agreement between the supplier and the other specific applicant contracting entity, under this framework. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this framework agreement and the terms of an appeal agreement, the terms of this framework agreement are given priority. The Authority reserves the right to immediately denounce this framework agreement by written notification to the supplier and/or to take any other action it deems necessary in the event of a real conflict or potential conflict between the financial or personal interests of the supplier and the obligations against the Authority under the provisions of this framework agreement or appeal agreement. Where a new or emerging standard is to be developed or implemented by the Authority, the supplier is required to ensure that the potential effects of products and/or services provided by a contracting body are explained to the Authority and the contracting entity (within a reasonable time) before the implementation of the new or new standard. . In addition to meeting the above standards, the supplier must comply with the standards of the contractual bodies set out in the appeal agreement.