Deed Of Rectification Agreement

You must submit to the official a request for rectification of the document accompanied by all the supporting documents. If significant changes are required to the original document, both parties must also take two witnesses with them for the recording of the act of rectification. This amending act confirms that the main instrument of sale remains in full force, with the exception of the above-mentioned amendment. After both parties agree with the corrections to be made, they should be transferred to a duly executed document. The parties concerned should pay the stamp duty and registration fees required for the registration of the deed in accordance with the laws of the State. The act of rectification must be registered with the Sub-Registration Office in which the main attachment document was registered. The stamp duty and registration fee for general issues such as typos are Rs 100 each. However, the fees applicable to the deed of transfer should be paid if the act of rectification relates to changes in the location, the names of the buyers/sellers, the survey number or the area and dimensions of the property. Sometimes the registration authority may introduce stamp duties and additional taxes depending on the situation.

Hello. My certificate doesn`t have a title of my name, so how do I add my name tittle in my deed…. I can register online or go to someone else`s house??? Please allow me. Are you waiting for your answer? ? Thank you It is common knowledge that the deed of sale is an important legal document that transfers ownership of the property from the buyer to the seller. Although prepared with the utmost care by an effective lawyer, errors can sometimes occur in a certificate of sale. Some of the most common mistakes made in a sales document are: in some cases, the parties involved may disagree with the proposed modification or rectification in the exported documents….