Employee Alarm Code Agreement Template

The reason you installed motion sensors, alarms, on-site access controls, video surveillance and 24/7 surveillance was to protect your premises, resources and people. By sharing alarm codes, or making them too easy to decipher, you are defeating at least part of the purpose of your commercial security systems. Implement a policy that regulates the use of alarm codes and ensure that all your employees are trained not only to properly arm and disarm the security system with their code, but also to the importance of not writing codes where they can be easily found or sharing them with other employees. Also, don`t forget to create unique codes for “guest users,” z.B. for contractors, suppliers or other visitors who may be able to close the alarm. Connect them to the same database as your employee`s other alarm codes. Keene State College has a closure system to protect its parishioners, institutions, real estate and information. All locks, keys, electronic access cards and access codes are the exclusive property of Keene State College and are issued to students and staff as required. The university reserves the right to modify locks, keys and access codes if necessary. For the use of a subcontractor or general contractor. Includes the opt-out compensation scheme and the provision of several contracts, which transforms the agreement into a “mastery contract.” The terms of the contract can be amended to provide details of the commitment.

The sad fact is that it is a scenario that happens every day. The theft costs retailers billions of dollars each year. In 2014, the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that retail businesses lost about $44 billion as a result of theft. In addition, more than 40% of retail thefts are due to thefts from employees and sellers. Don`t you think this could happen to you? According to surveys by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 75% of workers have stolen from their employer at least once, and 73% have done so more often. In addition, approximately 33% of business bankruptcies are due to employee theft. If you are in the Greater Kansas City area, contact (913) 208-8885 to contact A-TEC Security Systems. One of our commercial security experts will help you guide you through all the alarm codes of the back and don`ts staff or install new commercial security systems or access controls to protect your business today. Where many restaurants, retailers and other small businesses go wrong, sharing alert codes among employees is. Some even create a “general code” that they distribute to everyone who opens or closes.