Employee Alarm Code Agreement Template

Keene State College maintains a locking system to protect its community members, facilities, property, and information. All locks, keys, electronic access cards and access codes are the exclusive property of Keene State College and are issued to students and staff based on access needs. The College reserves the right to change locks, keys and access codes as needed. Employee name:_ Lost or misplaced keys should be reported immediately to your supervisor. . All residential facilities are closed twenty-four hours a day, unless residents enter or leave them. All other facilities will be locked based on usage and schedule if possible. Key type (e.g., office/building front door) ____ This document sets out the policies that govern key and electronic access control at Keene State College. No person may attach a lock to an indoor or outdoor collegiate facility or transfer their keys to another person without the express permission of the Director of Physical Facility and the Director of Campus Security or their agents. In an educational institution, it is necessary to balance the accessibility and use of facilities with the need to create a safe environment.

Convenience sometimes has to be compromised to ensure safety. Each member of the collegiate community must share the responsibility of ensuring the safety of all members and property. .