Enbridge Pipeline Crossing Agreement

The Line 2 pipeline had not crossed the line with daylight at NPS 20. The field engineer knew that the depth of line 2 had been measured in the field at NPS 36, 7 m from the NPS 20 junction. There was no conflicting information indicating to the field engineer that the Line 2 pipeline would be on the drilling trail. In addition, several members of the field team had noticed that the Line 2 pipeline, when in daylight at junction npS 36, appeared visually horizontal. Therefore, the depth measurement of the coverage achieved for the adjacent NPS 36 pipeline was used for the NPS 20 crossing. The operation of the pipeline, the condition of the pipeline and the integrity of the pipeline were not considered to be the source of the assessments. The analysis focuses on the development of the crossing agreement, changes to the crossing agreement, construction inspection and communication between team members and between organizations. When the crossing agreement was amended to reflect the change in the installation method of the NPS 36 pipeline, the drill platform mats extended above the NPS 20 alignment were no longer required. The amendment to the border crossing agreement was completed on 25 January 2017. However, the Rig mats were not removed.

The original plan called for the NPS 36 pipeline to be installed in a single HDB operation, both in the eastern and western corridors. The design has been modified for technical reasons. On February 15, 2017, drilling for the 7-inch pilot began on the West End. According to the execution plan, drilling was stopped a few meters before the pipelines were crossed, which made it possible to request permission to continue from the owner of the pipeline. In accordance with the implementation plan, as the Line 2 pipeline approached in the eastern corridor, drilling was stopped approximately 2 metres from the intersection, which made it possible to request permission for the future. The Enbridge line representative gave permission to occupy the upper position relative to the Line 2 pipeline. Although approved for drilling, the HDB had acted without ground confirmation of the exact position and depth of coverage for the Line 2 pipeline at NPS 20. For the CCA project, GRP Ltd. Lands Department, with the help of the engineering group, developed, if necessary, amendments to the crossing agreements. .