Odu Vccs Articulation Agreement

Old Dominion University has joint agreements with all VCCS institutions that, in accordance with the state transfer policy, consider the requirements of the lower department of general education to be met in all bachelor`s programs for students who obtain a certified associate in the arts, a partner in science or an arts and science degree at a Virginia community college or Richard Bland College. Some programmes require specific general education courses to meet the requirements of departments and/or higher education institutions that are not automatically met by the articulation agreement. Students must acquire a C (2.0) or better in specific general education courses to obtain credit for specific requirements for general education. Admission to Old Dominion University with junior status, as provided for in each specific articulation agreement. It also implies that it is considered to be compliance with the general education requirements of the lower classes (see below, 3.b) of Old Dominion University, with the exception of those specifically required for a main subject given by a school and/or department. In order to have accepted and registered all courses approved by Old Dominion University, provided that the student received C grades (2.0) or better, as indicated in the articulated agreement. In addition, the degrees associated with general studies that followed at the following community universities were approved by the State Committee on Transfer for recognition under the conditions of the state transfer policy: the student completed the Virginia Community College System with an A.A.S. degree in an articulated program with Old Dominion University (see list of articulated programs). Students who do not obtain an associate degree may also waive the requirement for general education of the lower language if: be treated on an equal footing with local students with respect to granting and distribution of grants, campus housing, course selection and other student services. The ODU`s general education program consists of requirements that all students must meet. The number of hours of credit required to meet these requirements may vary depending on the academic discipline chosen by the student.

The following list of courses can be used as a guide for academic planning. In addition, important specific program sheets with all VCCS transfer equivalencies are available. In order to facilitate the transfer of students who successfully enter into an associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) through the Virginia Community College system and plan to visit OldDominion University, the following provisions have been established: the student obtained a high school diploma before December 31, 1985 The third (junior) level of a spoken foreign language was completed in high school (requires the presentation of the bachelor`s degree protocol to the Admissions Office for examination Old Dominion University accepts full recognition of obtaining the bachelor`s degree. which have been identified in the selected articulation programs, including program credits (professional/technical), as long as the following conditions are met: See ODU catalogue and Monarch Transfer for the most up-to-date transfers. Students with an associate transfer degree (A.A., A.A.