Services Agreement Imi

10.2. The mediator is not responsible for the content of the agreement reached by the parties or for the damage that may result. all services provided by iMi digital GmbH (iMi digital) to companies, service providers and professionals (hereafter referred to as customers) are subject to the terms and conditions of sale (CGV) 1. iMi digital is entirely responsible for premeditation and gross negligence; However, in the event of a breach of contractual obligations, only mere negligence applies. 2. iMi digital is not liable if obligations arising from external events, such as the outage. B of the vendor, software outage, Internet outages or poor transmission/supply of information by the customer cannot be met. 3. In the event of a potential deficit in relation to the products and services provided by iMi Digital, the customer has the right to expect iMi digital to correct the deficits within a reasonable time. The monetary deduction for agreed-upon compensation is not eligible. 4. The customer ensures that material made available or approved by the customer, such as images, content and design models, is exempt from dispossessed.

For iMi digital, there is no obligation to verify the legality of the data, images, content or design models provided. 5. The customer digitally reimburses iMi for all claims, costs and damages that iMi digital is charged by third parties because of materials provided by the customer (images, content, design), in particular claims from third parties for infringement of his rights, such as property rights, copyrights or personality rights, including all applicable legal protection fees. 6. iMi digital is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information on the website created for the customer. All information is verified periodically and independently by the customer and the necessary changes to the iMi are made digitally public. 7. The liability limitations mentioned above apply mutatis mutandis to iMi digital assistants. 7.2. The parties undertake not to disclose, quote, quote, paraphrase or otherwise call documents discovered, denounced or disclosed by any other person involved in mediation during mediation.

This obligation does not apply if and to the extent that the contracting party had or could have disposed of this information independently of mediation. These documents, which are normally authorized in arbitration or judicial proceedings, are not rendered inadmissible because of their use in mediation. The documents covered in this article include the mediation agreement containing notes or minutes prepared by the parties or by the Ombudsman in the context of mediation, Article 10.1, to the extent that the parties agreed, in accordance with Article 10.3, that it remain confidential, as well as other media such as tapes, videotapes, photos and digital files in any form. 10.1. The Ombudsman ensures that agreements reached by the contracting parties are properly recorded in an agreement. The content of the agreement is the responsibility of the parties. Contracting parties have the right to speak to an external expert. In the event of an effective withdrawal, the benefits received and, if necessary, the benefits are reimbursed. If the customer cannot return all or part of the services received because the nature of the services does not allow it, iMi digital must be compensated accordingly. 1. iMi digital markets companies and service providers – unless otherwise agreed – in search engines and internet portals.

iMi digital offers media and marketing services, for example in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, social media, web analytics or implements multimedia marketing campaigns.