Seville Agreement Red Cross

This showed that the Seville agreement was flexible. A consistent approach by the Agency would have ignored the realities. In close collaboration with the Russian Red Cross, the Federation and the ICRC have continued to operate in the country since the signing of the agreement. 5.5.1 If, following an upheaval, responsibility for the management and coordination of an international relief operation is entrusted by the ICRC or the Federation, in accordance with the relevant articles of this agreement, the governing body, acting in agreement with the operating national society and in consultation with the participating national companies, takes all appropriate measures to ensure an effective and harmonious transfer of management and behaviour. international aid organization. by the component that assumes the steering function. 7.1.1 National societies, to the extent that their means permit, contribute, through bilateral or multilateral development agreements, to the development of other national societies that need them. If anything wanted to test the Seville agreement, it was the Balkans, the largest integrated operation ever carried out by the movement. A rigorous external assessment recognized that the decision to establish a common administrative structure to deal with the regional dimension of the crisis has improved the response to humanitarian needs. The overwhelming answer to this question is yes. Recruitment is stagnating considerably, reflecting the success of training and information for staff and delegates on the impact of the new agreement. This agreement is more than an operational management instrument or a statement of intent. It initiates a profound change in attitude between members of the same movement: the adoption of a collaborative spirit in which each member of the movement appreciates the contributions of other members as partners in a global humanitarian enterprise.

It is a cooperation agreement and not just a division of labour, and it applies to all international activities which, in accordance with the movement`s statutes, must be carried out in close cooperation. It sets clear guidelines for the accomplishment of tasks by members of the movement, using the specific areas of competence and complementary capabilities of each to achieve this as best they can. It ensures the continuity of activities in the event of a change of situation and aims to promote, among the components, a stronger sense of identity, solidarity, mutual trust and shared responsibility. The ICRC and the Federation have always worked closely with the National Society in every emergency. But, for the first time, Seville has explicitly accepted national companies in an operational agreement.