University Of Utah Independent Contractor Agreement

The activities of the University of Texas at Austin should be conducted to the extent possible, using the services of regular and temporary employees. However, independent contractors (ICs) may be employed where the necessary services cannot be adequately provided by regular or temporary workers in the course of their employment or in the event of a temporary emergency. 2 have the possibility to access PHI, even if it is not explicitly part of the service provided (i.e. deposit services, maintenance of computer resources). b. If the consultant wishes to negotiate or remove any of the standard provisions of the Independent Contractoral Services Agreement, the Office of General Counsel must be consulted before obtaining the signature of an academic delegate. 4. Once the agreement on the services of independent contractors, the checklist for the classification of independent employees/contractors and, where applicable, the addition to the agreement for counterparties, two signed copies of the agreement should be sent to the independent contractor for signature. An executed copy is kept by the division or unit of the contract; a copy shall be kept by the independent contractor.

one. A non-original copy of the Independent Contractor Services Agreement, the employee/Independent Contractor Classification list and the IRS W-9 should be attached to all payment claims. 5. If the tasks of the independent contractor relate to an externally sponsored project, including federal contracts and grants, a copy of the agreement on independent subcontracting services, as well as the checklist for the classification of employees/independent contractors, should be sent to the administrator responsible for the sponsored projects office at the same time as the shipment to the independent contractor. A signature from the Office of Sponsored Project is required in addition to the normal authorizations required in the Independent Services Agreement. 2 The Court refused to make generalisations on certain professions and pointed out that the Utah law required a specific study of the facts in any event in the context of an independent contractor`s decision. The Utah Court of Appeals recently ruled that a person who worked for four months under an independent subcontract for an oil and gas exploration company and who “generally performed work consistent with the obligations of compatriots” was an employee and not an independent contractor. The landmann`s wages were therefore subject to unemployment insurance tax.

Current and younger employees of the university generally cannot be paid as independent contractors. In some situations, employees may be authorized as personnel providers. 5 General liability insurance by approval. The Service Provider will also encourage each of its subcontractors who supply materials or provide services under this Agreement to maintain the coverages and insurance provisions mentioned above. . . .