Vendor Sale And Purchase Agreement

The seller will declare that the seller`s lawyers are the seller`s representatives to receive all the money to be paid to the seller and that the payment of the money to the representative is a sufficient performance of the buyer`s payment obligations in accordance with the formal agreement. If the price includes furniture and faucets, these items should be mentioned in the formal agreement and the following provisions are generally included: It is also a good practice to get a country information report on your property before listing it on the market. This gives you the ability to identify and resolve any outstanding issues before the buyer knows them. They can then produce a copy of the LIM report for potential buyers before submitting an offer, thus excluding the contract being subject to the condition that the LIM report be subordinated. 5. REFUS RIGHT – All goods are subject to buyer control and control at the place of manufacture or destination or both. If, at any time, one of the goods is deemed defective or material (including the goods that have been damaged by unsatisfactory packaging by the seller) or, in any other way, not in strict compliance with the order requirements, including the designs and specifications and authorized models, if it exists, in addition to any other right that it has under the warranty or which has the right to obtain other information. (a) to refuse and return these goods at the seller`s expense and to credit them for such refused goods; (b) on written request, to request the replacement of these rejected products at no additional cost to the buyer; c) to store and use the goods with a fair reduction in the purchase price. 18. ACCORD MODIFICATION – This order contains all the agreements and conditions of these transactions and no agreement or other agreement in any way alter the terms of this contract is mandatory for the buyer, unless written as an order modification and signed by the buyer. 3.1. The seller`s obligation to sell and acquire the shares in point 2.1 is subject to prior compliance with the following conditions: The seller and the purchaser agree to complete the sale and purchase of the property on December 15, 2001. The seller paid rates of $1,800.00 for the months of October to December 2001, but not the management fee of $800 for the month of December 2001.

The down payment for administration fees is $1,800.00. Based on the seller`s payment until the day of completion, the sharing account is as follows: 30. RESALE CERTIFICATION – If this order is marked by “resale,” the buyer certifies that the purchase of the building is purchased as it is for resale. All exits from the property are accounted for by the Seller up to (exclusively or including the completion day to be agreed between the Seller and the Buyer) and accounted for by the Buyer (including or exclusively the completion day to be agreed between the Seller and the Buyer). All exits are shared between the seller and the buyer. As a general rule, expenses to be allocated include the down payment of administrative costs, administrative costs, prices and government rent. What normally happens is that the seller makes available to his lawyers or real estate agents receipts for the entrances and exits corresponding to the completion or before their completion, so that they can establish a distribution account. The account shows how much is owed to whom. The party, which must make a payment to the other party after the distribution account, pays the amount, sometimes after completion and sometimes after completion. In all cases, the buyer must receive the original receipts.